Let It Go Journeys is an Earmarked 

Travel Agency, specializing in Disney Destinations

with a team that is passionate about making the planning

process not only easy & efficient, but as fun and magical as possible!

Our agents are proud graduates of

the college of Disney Knowledge course.

We know how to save you time and money and are committed to giving you the best experience,

tailored to your individual needs and desires.

We can be as involved in the planning process as you prefer. Whether that entails simply booking your vacation while you handle the details with us in your corner or you would rather us go the extra mile and give you complimentary itinerary assistance down to fast pass selections and advanced dining reservation assistance.

Best of all, our services are always free to you! 


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    Let it Go, Let us Handle the Details,

and Enjoy the Experience of

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has been designated

as an official "Earmarked"

Travel Agency by the 
Walt Disney Travel Company and is an 

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

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