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Meet our team of Dedicated, Experienced and Professionally Trained Travel Specialists!

We are committed to articulating the “Disney Experience” so that you may have a Magical Vacation!

Let It Go Journeys' Agents are all proud

graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge Training Program!

Meet the Founders of Let It Go Journeys:


                                                Alan and Amber Ripley are Walt Disney World annual passholders residing on                                                       the Carolina Coast in Charleston, SC. Their love for Disney and Disney-Travel                                                         began at a young age, and carried on into their marriage including a fairytale                                                       Honeymoon in 2007 at Walt Disney World! Since then, they have taken countless                                                 vacations to Disney Destinations, including Anniversary Vacations as a couple,                                                     multiple trips with their family of 6,  and even multi-family trips, conventions                                                       and events. Nobody does customer-service like Disney, and the goal at Let It Go                                                  Journeys is to begin that Magical Client-Service Experience from the beginning of                                                the planning process. The Magic comes alive as soon as you enter Disney                                                                Destination grounds, however, with a little bit of Pixie Dust and assistance from a                                                Let It Go Journeys Authorized Travel Specialist, the Magic can begin right from the start!...and that is exactly where our company-motto derived from, "We believe the Magic begins in the Planning!…”

We are so happy that you have found our company! We are passionate about all things Disney, and it is our dream that you will experience the magic and wonder of visiting Disney with the help of our planning services! Our team will provide all of the advice and special touches you need to make your Disney Vacation stress-free, memorable and above all "magical"! Our highly-trained agents can also assist you in locations outside of Disney destinations, so contact your local Let It Go Journeys TA or message us directly today! 

As a team here at Let It Go Journeys, we collectively value Family, Professionalism, Knowledge Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Giving Back! 

You can give the Ripley Family a personal follow on Instagram at @ParkHoppingFamily or to get to know our Disney-Loving Family of 6 and follow our personal Disney and Family Adventures! 

Meet Our Graduated Team of Authorized Disney Vacation Planners:



Abbie Fricker Graduated 2016

Renate Brown Graduated 2016

Ansley Hawkins Graduated 2016

Stacy Tanner Graduated 2016

Kearsten Nardulli Graduated 2016

Season Upon Graduated 2016

Jessica Goebel Graduated 2016

Tiffany Best Graduated 2016

Karen Tags Graduated 2016

Crystal Moore Graduated 2016

Jessica Miller Graduated 2016

Jennifer Rodgers Graduated 2016

Dorobeth Windham Graduated 2016

Sara Thomas Graduated 2016

Alisa Dembouski Graduated 2016

Pam Rowe Graduated 2016

Adrian Mellina Graduated 2016

Sabrina Roman Graduated 2016

Deedee Potter Graduated 2016

Erin Weyman Graduated 2016

Tiffany Carter Graduated 2016

Julie Harrell Graduated 2016

Elyse Cromer Graduated 2016

Danielle Fernandez Graduated 2016

Elyse Cromer Graduated 2016

Sonja Dean Graduated 2016

Jessica Griffith Graduated 2017

Ken Wine Graduated 2017

Kayla Bradford Graduated 2017

Lindsey Pleasant Graduated 2017

Sarah Lamotta Graduated 2017

Ana Aguirre Graduated 2017

Jessica Meyers Graduated 2017

Joy Thornton Graduated 2017

Melissa Roberts Graduated 2017

Heather McFarland Graduated 2017

Stefhanie Slaughter Graduated 2017

Stephanie Enedy Graduated 2017

Rebecca Della Lucia Graduated 2017

Emily Palmer Graduated 2017

Rebecca Decker Graduated 2017

Lori Bradford Graduated 2017

Julie Caudill Graduated 2017

Calum Naugher Graduated 2017

Cassie Tyler Graduated 2017

Gerardo Ormonde Graduated 2017

Diane Moscato Graduated 2017

Miranda Winslett Graduated 2017

Erin Thakkallapalli Graduated 2017

Lisa Mani Graduate 2017

Angela Crum Graduated 2017

Theresa Beale Graduated 2017

Jennifer Subko Graduated 2017

Chasity Meche Graduated 2017

Leslie Appel Graduated 2017

Kristin Dominguez Graduated 2018

Brandi Eades Graduated 2018

Jennifer Dennis Graduated 2018

Sonya Williams Graduated 2018

Jessi Hawker Graduated 2018

Carol Brasells Graduated 2018

Kylene Smith Graduated 2018

Meagan Franklin Graduated 2018

Karen Goodwin Graduated 2018

Lori Notarstefano Graduated 2018

Monica Cronin Graduated 2018

Laura Spigelmyer Graduated 2018

Catherine Leivinen Graduated 2018

Abbi Wahl Graduated 2018

Kimberly Trover Graduated 2018

Ashley Clay Graduated 2018

Ashley Pearson Graduated 2018

Becky Julson Graduated 2018

Amanda Woodford Graduated 2018

Tonya Bryant Graduated 2018

Christine Putnam Graduated 2018

Tania Reyna Graduated 2018

Brianna Hernandez Graduated 2018

Stephanie Hradil Graduated 2018

Heather Lindberg Graduated 2018

Kristin Guilford Graduated 2018

Lori Gelsomini Graduated 2018

Jodi Johnson Graduated 2018

Karen Hilliard Graduated 2018

Jessica Hill Graduated 2018

Emilie Ventura Graduated 2018

Romina Phravixay Graduated 2018

Tracy Conner Graduated 2018

Kathryn Hanratty Graduated 2018

Carly Hunk Graduated 2018

Kristen Spangenberg Graduated 2018

Christine Wheeler Graduated 2018

Erin Houchin Graduated 2018

Susan Earles Graduated 2018

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