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How to get Connecting Rooms

Does your group need 2 rooms, but you would like the option to have a door between your rooms? Let our team of Travel Specialists take care of that request!

How Do I get Connecting Rooms?

The adjoining/connecting room situation at Disney World resort hotels can be a little tricky to understand. There is specific "lingo" that is required to make sure your requests are put in correctly. We are here to help!

First let me say that Disney does an amazing job of keeping families together! As a large family of 6 (@parkhoppingfamily), we have been personally very taken care of by Disney's accommodations!

That being said, it is important to understand that you can’t actually reserve adjoining rooms. The only time you’ll be guaranteed a specific room type is if you pay extra to book a “water view” or “preferred” room location (or something similar) and even then you’re only reserving the type of room, not the exact location. You can’t even reserve 2 double beds versus one king bed! It can be requested, but it is important to know that a request is not a guarantee.

Another thing you need to know is that even if your rooms are directly next to each other, they may not connect internally. This is where the wording is important to understand, and we always communicate this with our clients when booking their Walt Disney World Resort vacation:

Adjoining Rooms = Rooms that are "next to each other"

Connecting Rooms = Rooms with a door that connects the two rooms

What does Let It Go Journeys do for our clients to increase your chances of having your group stay together? When booking your room, there will be an option for your Let It Go Journeys Travel Specialist to make “special requests” – make sure you submit your request at the time of booking with us. If you are booking one family with 2 adults and multiple minors, Disney will allow us to book you under one reservation, with one deposit and will ensure you have connecting doors. If you are traveling with a 3rd adult, your reservation will be booked as two separate vacation packages, with two separate reservation numbers and requiring two separate deposits of $200.

When traveling with a group with multiple reservations, our next step is for your Let It Go Journeys travel specialist to call your specific resort during the week before your arrival. We ask for “back office” or “room assignments” – this will get us talking to the right person, and we can once again kindly make your request known to the cast member.

When you arrive at check in, before the Cast Member begins to process your reservation information, remind them that you would like connecting or adjoining rooms if at all possible. Be patient, as it may take them a few minutes (or even a few hours in some cases) to search the system for rooms that meet your request, so if this is important to you, please be patient with the Cast Member at your resort.

Remember, Disney aims to keep guests satisfied, so they will do their best to accommodate you, but you may need to be flexible.

The best thing you can do is to let someone else set it up for you so you don't have to worry! The Authorized Disney Vacation Planners here at Let It Go Journeys are always setting up room requests for those who book through us, so Let It Go and Let Us Handle the details and book you Magical Vacation with Let It Go Journeys today! "We Believe the Magic Begins in the Planning!"

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